The Science of Beauty in the Bath – Using Bath Oils

Unlike perfume, body products and bathing until the last years it has always been considered ‘pleasure’ – a bit of luxury. However, things have now changed and most women tend to use them regularly.

If you live in a ‘hard water’ area, the use of bath salts is very important to stop the skin from drying out. Of course, there is an added bonus that such additions make the water more fragrant. However, bath salts, do not make pain and pain disappear; any calming effect is due to the warmth of the water, and inside. Bubble baths and bubbles serve the same purpose, with bubbles as ‘additions’ to make you feel coveted and pampered like a movie star.

You have to appreciate the fact that bubble bathing and bubbles don’t just “float” so you can lie down and clean yourself without lifting your finger. There is no substitute for cleaning dirt with other soaps or cleansers and hands and flannel. Look at bath salts and foam baths as a pleasant addition; Don’t reject psychological effects, but don’t expect miracles.

Bath oil is a blessing for every woman and anyone suffering from dry skin should use it because they tend to protect you from the effects of draining water. They are most effective when added to a bathtub, or in some cases rubbed into the body before you enter into it, although it is more usually when you are dry. However, they can be too oily for anyone with oily and smooth skin.

Body oil does not have to be expensive. If you use oil for your skin and not for fragrances, any vegetable oil can be used.

As an example:

* Olive oil
* Peanut oil
* Corn oil
* Pure vegetable oil

However, you should avoid using mineral oils such as baby oil because this is not so easily absorbed and can actually damage and dry out the skin.

If you need a really effective freshener to add to the bathtub, you should use a product that contains pure essence which is known for its soothing properties:

As an example:

* Pine
* Horse chestnut
* Mint leaves

The Wisdom and Beauty of Premarital Counseling


Marriage marks a beautiful and fundamental change in the lives of every couple. This is a continuation of the visionary journey that begins during the initial phase of each relationship, when couples open their hearts and minds to the reality of one another’s lifelong commitments. Engagement moves them forward in strengthening that commitment, while adding a spark to the fire of their dedicated love and dreams they share for their future. Let me take a few moments to present how premarital counseling fits in with the process of achieving those martial dreams.

Premarital counseling serves as one of the most unique and important elements of this visionary journey, because it gives couples with a forum to wade through the deep waters of their love, while learning to carefully cross the fearsome peaks and gaping valleys their differences. Taking a trip like that is a journey that requires the help, knowledge and wisdom of people who are skilled in helping others navigate joyful and difficult parts of such efforts.


Engaged couples who are willing to devote their time to premarital counseling pay attention to the call of wisdom and effectively work towards preparation and strengthening their relationship for long-term marriage trips.

“Don’t leave wisdom, and he will protect you; love him, and he will watch over you.” (Proverbs 4: 6)

This section of the Bible highlights the protection we experience when we choose to acquire and apply wisdom, and serves to encourage us all to pursue it.

Wisdom is something that comes to us in various forms. It comes to us when we learn from the experiences of others, who have crossed the area we are living in. It may also come to us when we learn from our own life experiences, including risks, mistakes, successes and failures that make life a great adventure.

The reality is there are different paths to wisdom, some are more subtle than others. However, it is up to us to determine which path we will take when obtaining the wisdom related to building a healthy marriage.


Reading a book and talking to someone about a healthy marriage is one thing. This is a completely different story when you have to apply that learning to you who will soon become a partner, especially when emotions are involved. This is why my work with premarital couples will often focus on two main elements: Active Education and Learning. These elements represent the path to wisdom that we mentioned earlier.

Education is the process of informing couples about the main principles that will enable them to have a strong and healthy marriage. Active learning is the process of really helping them apply those principles when they discuss the dynamics that are different from their relationship. These fields include communication, money, sex, spirituality, extended family, and the role of relationships among many other fields.

After couples really work through these two main processes, they are better equipped to navigate the ups and downs of marriage, and have a greater understanding of how to help each other feel loved, valued, and emotionally connected throughout their relationship.


Beyond all the well-known practical reasons for premarital counseling is something emotional, less real, and very valuable. This is the sentiment that underlies the relationship and love that the couple will fight hard to maintain between them, and still often fails to see materialized in the long run. This is not because they are unable to experience eternal love, but because there is a disruption in the way they convey their love.

I’ve heard that believing that you can experience lasting romance in a relationship is unreasonable, but I would say that giving up trust is even more absurd. There is a reason why the fight for this kind of relationship between couples is so vibrant and enduring, even after several points of conflict.

The truth is that every heart longs for something very passionate and romantic with a lover who fills his heart and mind and reaches the level of ecstasy that causes us to abandon every idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtime. Yes, eternal is the way I describe this type of love. But why is it something that feels beyond our reach, especially with those we have made our lives. Is that biology? Is that familiarity over time? Or do we lose sight of this romantic love? My hunches really point to the last of these questions, although I will not negate the first two.

My point is that if you are willing to consistently do what is needed to help your partner, lover, married person, or whatever you decide to call them, be satisfied with your love, then I dare say it will be difficult to lose the romance that can You experience as a partner. After saying all this, premarital counseling is something that can help you to explore clearly in this direction, so that your understanding of each other and what is needed by maintaining a deeper sentiment of love will be firmly embedded in eternity. the foundation of your marriage.


Having a lasting marriage is not a matter of coincidence. This is a heart problem. It is at this sacred place that every man and woman determine what they want their marriage to be, and how they will contribute to that goal. This is an area where their faith and character collide to produce persistent love that is not destroyed or distracted over time.

However, being effective in helping other significant people experience your love from time to time is a matter of sharing your heart openly in a way that feels less like communication and more like fellowship. Reaching that level of interaction is the result of having a clear feeling about how to unite your heart and words with their words, thereby achieving such goals. That’s where premarital counseling can serve you well.

The Mirror of Beauty

The investigation of the human mind has marked every inch of success but the art of drawing parallels with what beauty is, remains a big mystery. For some philosophers, beauty is the level of attraction and admiration triggered by an observer. But it is said that the same beauty does not affect everyone in the same way. This varies dramatically. Some people think thank you for defining it as a level of perfection, but perfection in one field may not appeal to the observer. So beauty is very difficult to explain fully, but it can be said that it is a comparison game. Suppose there is only one woman in the world, now the question is whether she is beautiful or not. The answer is clear that you can’t say anything because you don’t have another woman to compare.

But sailing outside the ocean of imagination, people realize that there are factors that determine the level of beauty, namely personal dictionaries, which translate humans and determine the level of beauty. The sacred words of human history will emanate from the strong winds of truth and will strongly state that Juliet is a goddess to a Romeo, a god to herself and the rest, dust particles. Heer for ranjha is enough, and he for him, to live their entire lives together with love straws. But remember, if all world lovers in the world are invited to a party to ask who among all the most beautiful, they will certainly brand the claim of beauty in the hearts and souls of their loved ones who are indeed not theirs. narrow mind but the natural fact that ‘beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’.

One day a great historian whispered in my ear a story …
‘Once upon a time there was a king who loved beauty so much that he called the most loyal and loyal Negro slave and ordered him to go from east to west and from north to south and pick him up as a model of beauty so that the two moons would not rise with such splendor, ocean oysters will not give birth to pearls that are so beautiful; no woman of heaven will look so charming, beauty preachers will not be able to give such an enchanting example, no artist who will create a portrait that blows such thoughts or a poet from the depths of his imagination will not be able to arrange it that way. mesmerizing verse; no dove that will have a pinion soaring is so extraordinary that Aphrodite will mark such an advantage. And if I tell him that he is the most beautiful spirit that God has ever created, then the claimant of beauty should say: ‘we are like lumps of coal in the mine and he is a diamond among us.’ So, go away my man whose crown of faith is faithful, on his shoulders the stars believe to shine and on his chest the medal of obedience must be stamped. Go and show me the beauty that must be praised and witnessed by twinkling stars. ‘

The Negro waiter bowed and left calmly to the summit from where the sun pierced his glowing fingers into the dark curtains of the night, from where Shakespeare and Shelley enjoyed inspiring drinks, from which the portrait of Mona Liza was discovered and from which the moon extracted its sparkling light; and thus he went through the plains to the mountains, through the valleys into the desert, through unexpected care to heavenly cities and through every inch of this world where life seemed to breathe.

After tireless efforts, he went to the king, giving him what looked like a goddess of beauty for him, his Negro daughter. Hearing this, the king asked,
‘Don’t you find a soul that is more beautiful than this?’

He paused for a moment, then raised his head and said:
‘Your Majesty, my blood will rain on you if I speak but the truth is. You asked me to bring Aphrodite but I brought my Negro daughter; the reason is my loyalty. Your Majesty, for you the black skin may look like coal in the dark, but to me it’s as beautiful as a red rose or a diamond. For you, her dry hair might look like a witch from an old myth that dances in the forest, but for me her hair is like a curtain of heaven. For you, wrinkled hands may look like a lonely landscape from this country, but to me they look like gods, to overcome the fate of the world in them has sketched lines on it. For you, his eyes may look like angels when the tangible eyes are successful but to me success. For you, his wide nose might look like an unexpected cavernous dark stone, but to me it was no less than Noah’s Ark. Therefore, Your Majesty, my obedience and loyalty to you forced me to bring my daughter to you. “

Then the historian smiled and said, ‘Yes! Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. ‘

In an effort to define and explain beauty, two schools of thought have emerged so far. One states the importance of inner beauty and the other teaches pleasure presented by worldly beauty. But in reality all the beautiful things are not always good, charming and attractive but all the good and right things are always beautiful. Therefore, said Keats:

Beauty is truth, truth of truth,
That’s all you know on earth
And all you need to know. ‘

The school of thought preaching inner beauty bears these words in the preface to the textbook:

‘The history is clear that the world has given birth to many worldly beauties that can only help quench people’s thirst and wake up wild animals in them. Many beauties passed without notice, but the beauty of the soul and conscience had claimed victory over the hearts of millions of people and marked its eternal existence. People who are blessed with the purity of the soul, the honesty of their conscience, the goodness of their deeds and the firmness of their faith have succeeded in scratching their names on the forehead of this earth and leading their nation to the roar of glory. And thus they are still breathing in the hearts of many humans. No one asked whether Aristotle was handsome or not, whether Alexander was tall or not and whether Anarkali was buried alive on the wall posing like a queen or not. People don’t ask questions like that, but everyone asks how they rise to success inch by inch. The open secret of their success, in fact, is their character, behavior, determination, enthusiasm and enthusiasm that contribute to their inner success and beauty. ‘

On the contrary, the school of thought that teaches worldly beauty is thanking God for these words:

‘Alhamdulillah, because You have blessed us beautiful beauties, whose gaze ignores the fatigue throughout our day, whose heart may prove to be a place of eternal peace for our souls, whose views remind us of your Excellence. Thank God, you have bestowed on us a beautiful beauty, a desire to achieve it, which proves the fuel source for our body, mind and spirit. This beauty has graced this scary and worthless world; and it comforts us when we are confined in cells of gloom, worry and misfortune. Oh, my God! What a beauty you have blessed us with is the source of life in this frightening world. ‘

In fact, since the creation of this universe, beauty has been ignored and the stigma of weakness has been marked on his forehead. Beauty seems to be a symbol of nothing but a rubbing machine. Those who live in this world have been completely wrong in understanding true beauty. When the beauty of governing his crown is lost, these mortal beings will see with their eyes open and feel the smell of the truth that worldly beauty is only a mirage. All praise is to God, who gives us this commendable inner beauty that indeed enables humans to ignite the fire of love even in darkness. And, therefore, we must stop praising beauty alone. We must also praise the creator, the LORD Almighty.

NAVEED AHMED CHANDIO, Someone with ties to tie. Fuel thinks for him is love, beauty, and inner rebellion. Most of the time, he prefers to let things happen because the beauty of life still has reasons to be fulfilled. He is a student of Nature who is quite good and feels proud of it. Ignorance, cruelty, trachery and hatred are some of the things he never likes or maybe he never realized. Naveed Chandio lives in Karachi, Pakistan.