Clanking The Langsyne Of Beautiful Diction

I have written, seen, and read so much about poetry that it really flows in my pulse now. Like thick viscous blood, it energizes me at its core and gives the power to imagine the world in a different way.

It’s like a whirlpool that tries to digest me in the belly of his imagination and I dissolve like color in water. This stirred me into words, emotions, sentiment models, and love forms.

There is a timely interest in mysticism and fairy tales. Not only the proportion of women but masculine gender also likes to spoil it. This is the benefit of being a poet. He can write a verse related to both sexes. There are no yellow eyes or cruelty aimed at them. It shows freedom of thought and allows honesty in action.

Look into the past and look at the forms of the verses now written by the poet with enthusiasm and perseverance. You will find many differences in structuring, forming words, diction, and phrases. It’s very different these days so it takes time to digest what the other party has written.

The language is connected to the audience like a freight train. I mean, poets just throw words at their listeners and surprise them by surprise. Some talk about cruelty, some use crazy language and some, well, let’s keep quiet about other things.

I don’t show any writers. It’s not my job, I also don’t have the right to judge someone unless I’m perfect. The point is the old sense of musicality in words is not felt in modern times. Yes, the poem is meaningful, wise, and worth reading but how much does it cost? Rough language and hard blue are very unpleasant. These kinds of things will darken the work of native poets and people who only make it sound like a joke will win the jackpot. One must focus on real things that come directly from vision and inner awareness

Dedicated, passionate people and people who are truly into the world of creativity will show you a mirror of words. Don’t make fun of the genre but consider it as inspiration. There are some aspiring poets and poets who really try hard and sincerely code their thoughts to connect with the audience. Push their variety and fix them in a place that is lacking. That is a noble deed. We will regain the original taste of poetry that we had in the 1800s.

Times have changed and he also bought a radical transformation in poetry literature. However, if you eliminate the essence of the subject, how do you maintain its quality? Think about that. People who start the habit of poetic diction have set certain rules and you cannot change them. You can add your own breakthrough but the element must remain.

I raise a happy glass for the forthcoming visionary poet, writer and quote that will enlighten the future of literary verses. Your deep and silent words will surely touch the next generation.

Poetry elevates your soul to the next level as long as it is beautifully written. There is no poet who does not want to be heard. However, you must be a “good listener” and give all the madness through hard but soothing words. That’s where true poets wake themselves up.