The Science of Beauty in the Bath – Using Bath Oils

Unlike perfume, body products and bathing until the last years it has always been considered ‘pleasure’ – a bit of luxury. However, things have now changed and most women tend to use them regularly.

If you live in a ‘hard water’ area, the use of bath salts is very important to stop the skin from drying out. Of course, there is an added bonus that such additions make the water more fragrant. However, bath salts, do not make pain and pain disappear; any calming effect is due to the warmth of the water, and inside. Bubble baths and bubbles serve the same purpose, with bubbles as ‘additions’ to make you feel coveted and pampered like a movie star.

You have to appreciate the fact that bubble bathing and bubbles don’t just “float” so you can lie down and clean yourself without lifting your finger. There is no substitute for cleaning dirt with other soaps or cleansers and hands and flannel. Look at bath salts and foam baths as a pleasant addition; Don’t reject psychological effects, but don’t expect miracles.

Bath oil is a blessing for every woman and anyone suffering from dry skin should use it because they tend to protect you from the effects of draining water. They are most effective when added to a bathtub, or in some cases rubbed into the body before you enter into it, although it is more usually when you are dry. However, they can be too oily for anyone with oily and smooth skin.

Body oil does not have to be expensive. If you use oil for your skin and not for fragrances, any vegetable oil can be used.

As an example:

* Olive oil
* Peanut oil
* Corn oil
* Pure vegetable oil

However, you should avoid using mineral oils such as baby oil because this is not so easily absorbed and can actually damage and dry out the skin.

If you need a really effective freshener to add to the bathtub, you should use a product that contains pure essence which is known for its soothing properties:

As an example:

* Pine
* Horse chestnut
* Mint leaves